Thai Binh food to go: 6 Most attractive dishes tourist must try

Thai Binh food to go: What specialties should Thai Binh tourism eat and famous traditional dishes in Thai Binh with delicious and cheap addresses are the topic of this week that I want to share with everyone. If you have traveled to Thai Binh or happened to pass by and want to find delicious food in Thai Binh, you can refer to it!

Thai Binh Cay Cake

Cay cake can be considered as the most famous dish in Thai Binh, often bought by tourists as a gift. Cay cake is made from many different ingredients such as sticky rice with yellow flowers, gac, lard, sesame, carrot, fresh ginger, pumpkin jam, coconut… Banh Cay when eaten is quite sweet, you should enjoy the same. freshly prepared nóng tea.

Cay cake is sold in many places in Thai Binh, so it is not difficult for you to find a pack of fish cake as a gift for your loved ones. But when buying cake, remember to choose the type of cake made from Nguyen Village, Nguyen Xa commune, Dong Hung district because this place’s cake is the best in Thai Binh.

Gai cake Dai Dong Thai Binh

Gai cake Dai Dong is also a rustic specialty dish in Thai Binh that has the same delicious taste as Cay cake. Dai Dong village has had a tradition of making gai cake for several hundred years, so the gai cake made even after many years still retains its old flavor. If you have the opportunity to go to Thai Binh or go through Dai Dong village, you can buy some gai cake as a gift. Dai Dong gai cake is not only fragrant but also not hard for a few days.

Bun bung Thai Binh

The next delicious and attractive dish in Thai Binh that you should enjoy when traveling to Thai Binh is vermicelli. Bun bung, also known as banana flower vermicelli, is made from the ingredients of banana flower, spring leg, sprout, bone leaves, and leaves, so when eaten, it is not only full but also full of nutrients. Some shops selling delicious bun bung in Thai Binh are:

Bun bung restaurant at 109, Tran Khanh Du street, Bo Xuyen ward, Thai Binh
The shop is number 102, Hai Ba Trung street, De Tham ward, Thai Binh province

In addition, according to my experience, you just need to see a crowded restaurant and eat there, definitely delicious.

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Thai Thuy jellyfish salad

One more answer to the question of what to eat when traveling to Thai Binh is the jellyfish salad of Thai Thuy people. This jellyfish salad is extremely popular with teenagers, when eaten, it is both crispy and sweet, served with pickles, herbs, roasted peanuts, you will never forget it.

Some places for you to enjoy jellyfish salad in Thai Thuy are Truong Sinh Diem Dien restaurant at 313 Zone 6 Diem Dien Town, Thai Thuy or along the Thai Thuy beach, there are many jellyfish salad shops for you to choose.

Frozen salad

Nec salad is also a unique specialty dish in Thai Binh that people here often make to treat guests. If you do not know the frog, I will describe it, it is an aquatic species, almost like an eel or a snake but can live in both salt water and fresh water. To make a delicious salad, the frog must be alive, so when eating it is fresh, sweet, and crispy.

When you eat the salad, remember to add herbs such as cloves, basil, Chinese smell, fig leaves, banana flowers, star fruit, and chili to mask its inherent fishy smell. If you want to eat salad, you should go to restaurants along the coast of Diem Dien, Thai Thuy.

Quynh Coi fish soup

In Quynh Coi, there is a famous fish soup dish that any Thai Binh child far from his hometown will miss if he goes to work away from home. The bowl of Quynh Coi fish soup consists of ingredients made from fish or carp, combined with rice paper of Thai Binh people and a rich broth that only people here know.

A bowl of fish soup is sold for 20k – 25k, if you want to eat the best fish cake, you should go to Quynh Coi town, almost every fish soup shop here is delicious so you can eat at any restaurant. Or you go on the street and see a restaurant selling fish soup that is crowded, then go in, it is definitely a good restaurant. If you have the opportunity to pass through Quynh Coi town, remember to enjoy this delicious, nutritious and cheap specialty dish in Thai Binh.

In addition, Thai Binh still has some other famous specialties such as:

  • Shrimp rolls: In Diem Dien beach, there is an extremely attractive shrimp cake that you should enjoy
  • Turmeric cake: This is a cake made from plain rice flour and turmeric, the cake has a yellow color and the inside is filled with fat, meat, pepper, and wood ear. If you want to eat turmeric cake, you can go to Phu Coc village, Kien Xuong district, ask Mrs. Oi to sell turmeric.
  • Guava bo: Guava in Thai Binh is grown quite a lot, if you are lucky to travel to Thai Binh during the harvest season, remember to buy some to try.

Final thoughts: Thai Binh specialty

Above is list of Thai Binh specialty: 6 Most attractive dishes tourist must try. Hai Phong Tours hopes this helps!

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